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My name is Malachy Brennan and I am from Ireland. I have a Bachelor of Honours in Electronic & Computer Engineering from Dublin City University. I majored in the Internet of Things and have a passion for technology as a whole. Some of my tech interests include; Electronics/Hardware, IoT, Blockchain Technology, Programming, Web Development, and DevOps. My other interests include golf, music (DJing), football, and gaming.

This website was created to describe a little about myself and to outline some of the projects I am working on along with the odd tutorial/blog in relation to my work.

My skills & technologies I've worked with include:










Raspberry Pi






Oracle DB


Adaptation of Blockchain Technology for Secure Peer-to-Peer IoT Data Exchange

Research was carried out to determine the difficulties in adapting Blockchain Technology to suit the demands of IoT and the associated large amounts of data. Distributed file storage for off-chain storage along with light-clients were used to provide a form of access control for user data with potential for a data marketplace.

Development of an IoT Enabled Electrocardiogram to Measure Heart Activity

An electrocardiogram was developed using instrumentation amplifiers (AD620) and operational amplifiers (TLC084) for filtering which is then interfaced into a Texas Instruments MSP432 microcontroller. Once amplified and filtered, the analogue heart activity signal was digitised using the inbuilt ADC of the microcontroller and corresponding digital samples accumulated. The accumulated samples were then transmitted to the cloud-based ThingSpeak IoT platform via the WiFi module of the microcontroller for further analysis and plotting through Matlab

Development of a Library Management System Web Application

A web application based upon a library management system was created using HTML/CSS/Javascript, JSPs, Java Servlets, and Oracle SQL database as a data-store. The requirements were to develop the application without a framework in order to understand the processes and interaction required between the different components. The web app featured member/librarian login with client-side form validation, books and their details are searchable from the home page, librarians can loan out/return books, librarians can add new members/books, and librarians can check the stock level of books. A Model View Controller approach was taken when developing the application and Apache Tomcat was used as the application server.

Development of a Network Based Temperature Plotting Graphical Application

A java based application was developed using Swing to plot the CPU temperature of multiple remote devices (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone). The application accepted the IP address of the device to monitor and a socket connection was establised between client and server. Multiple device temperature readings could be plotted on the same graph with auto-scaling and sample rate adjustable by the user.

Creation of Cryptographic Processes using VHDL/Verilog

This project involved the development of some VHDL/Verilog functions which form the building blocks of many cryptographic operations carried out today. These components include an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit), Shifter/Rotator, Non-linear Lookup Table, and Register. Test benches were then written to test the functionality of each of these components.


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